Air Systems

Air Systems with A&A Truck and Trailer Repair

The Air Brake System is vital to any vehicle, but a semi truck is perhaps the most critical type of vehicle when it comes to the importance of brakes. Save on truck repair expenses by closely monitoring the status of your air brake system and including it as part of your preventative truck maintenance.

Brake failure is a common cause of accidents involving tractor trailers, and these accidents are an excellent cause for a lawsuit. If you wish to avoid a lawsuit for your fleet, pay close attention to proper maintenance for your brakes.

Air brakes are used in trucks, buses, trailers and semitrailers.  This is the preferred type of braking system for these vehicles for several reasons. First, the use of air allows multiple vehicle units to be coupled so that all units have braking capability and so that all of those units’ brakes may be controlled from the cab. Coupling would be unfeasible if a liquid were used as the mode of transmission of force, as it is in hydraulic brakes.

In addition, the use of an air brake system allows for the incorporation of an emergency braking system that utilizes parts of the service brake and parking brake systems. Emergency braking systems are required on all semitrailers by CFR 49 393.43, as it states “Every motor vehicle, if used to tow a trailer equipped with brakes, shall be equipped with a means for providing that in the case of a breakaway of the trailer, the service brakes on the towing vehicle will be capable of stopping the towing vehicle.”

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