Additional services

Additional Services

Services: Ignition repair, Axle repair, Brake cleaning, Wheel alignment
Website: https://aandatruckrepair.comm

A&A Truck and Trailer Repair is proud to be a well-known mobile truck repair company located in Des Moines,IA. We maintain a reputation for fast, prompt service and will return your car to you as soon as we can. Our highly experienced mechanics can work on a variety of makes and models of cars, and we’ll provide you with an estimate for any job.

A clutch is a component of the drive train that engages and disengages the power transmission from the driving shaft to driven shaft. The clutch is located between the gearbox and the engine. During a gear change, disengaging is required and the clutch facilitates this disengagement. Clutches need periodic servicing and replacing. At Status Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer differential repair, rebuild, or maintenance services for trucks and trailers.

Our knowledgeable semi truck technicians will ensure that all your truck or clutch issues are addressed.

The differential is another component of your truck’s drive train. The differential lets your truck make turns with ease (remember, the different wheels of your truck travel varying distances when turning). The differential should be serviced regularly. Your fleet of trucks requires periodic differential repairs and replacement.  When it comes to clutch repairs and replacements, you can count on Status Truck & Trailer Repair.

A drive line is made up of all the parts of the powertrain (the main components that generate power and drive your truck), but excluding the transmission and engine. The driveline, which is located after the transmission, changes depending on whether the vehicle is rear wheel, front wheel, or four-wheel

With time, moisture, pressure, heat, and load cause gear oil to breakdown leading to lubrication failure and worn out gears. This will result in noisy engines and poor truck performance. To solve drive line problems, you need to have worn out lubricant and engine parts replaced.


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